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发表时间:2020-08-20 22:59




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美国纽约新星集团公司Stellar贸易公司项目经理Jason Jiang;



纽约罗切斯特市战略业务发展总监Thaddeus Schofield;

中国仓储与配送协会保税与海外仓分会秘书长Nany Zhou。


【Global Trading New Service Business Model Summit Successfully Held 】

Stellar Trading Company, a New Star Group Company in New York, USA, held the "Global Trading New Service Business Model Summit" online.

The summit invited business people to participate in the discussion of business opportunities in the epidemic and the crisis of Sino-US tensions, especially how Chinese cross-border companies can turn crises into opportunities and exchange resources to cope with the future development of Sino-US trade.

Can't understand investment strategies under the new normal? Are Chinese foreign trade companies experiencing bottlenecks in their exports? Want to get government encouragement policies? Don't know how to seize supply chain resources? Zero cost industry transformation? The professional weather vanes you want are here!

[Guests present]

John Ling (Managing Director LinVest LLC Managing Director of Investment for Georgia Department of Economic Development, President of the Council of American States in China);

Nany Zhou (Deputy Secretary-General, IFWL Secretariat Secretary-General, Bonded and Overseas Hub Branch, China Association of Warehousing and Distribution);

Thaddeus Schofield (Director of Strategic Business Development of the City of Rochester);

Viveka Rosen (Cofounder and CVO (Chief Visibility Officer) of Vengreso. Known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”);

Jason Jiang (Share + Project manager of Stellar Global Trading Limited);

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